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We all want our children to be well-rounded individuals. We sign them up for sports teams, lessons, and other extracurricular activities in hopes they will explore their passions and pick up new friends while staying fit.

It’s why nearly 60 percent of kids participate in some kind of activity outside of school. But, how do you choose what program to introduce to your child? It’s important to find something active that they’ll enjoy and carry with them into adulthood.

Enter martial arts: an age-old discipline that teaches kids lessons in self-defense while building character, confidence, and strength. There are so many benefits of martial arts that we carry with us for life. Discover them below and see if it might be the perfect discipline for your child.

10 Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Child

The best kind of extracurricular activity is one that challenges and molds its participants, transforming them into better versions of themselves. Instructors make it a point to instill the following benefits and more within their students.

1. You Learn the Important Art of Self-Defense

It’s the most obvious benefit of martial arts and an important skill to have in life. Each student learns the basics and expands on the at of self-defense according to the style they practice.

While we hope that our students never find themselves in a situation where they have to put this skill into practice, you never know when the need may arise. Not only does knowing self-defense help protect our students but it also gives them the courage to walk fearlessly in life.

2. Martial Arts Helps You Build Self-Confidence

Martial arts are challenging. They test what we perceive are our limitations. Through learning the discipline as well as the steady encouragement of his or her sensei, a student build self-confidence.

Each new belt is earned, rousing a sense of genuine accomplishment. It’s an amazing feeling; one that lasts as a student grows and discovers what he or she is capable of.

3. Being Healthy and Fit Becomes Part of Your Lifestyle

The physical demands of martial arts force students to work hard. They develop strength and endurance that enhances their physique and keeps them healthy. When students start early, being active becomes part of their lifestyle.

It’s much easier to maintain that lifestyle when it starts at an early age as they build a healthy foundation for life that they can carry with them into adulthood.

4. You Improve Your Ability to Listen and Focus

Building a strong attention span and listening skills are both important to our students’ daily lives. It allows them to zero in on what we’re learning, retain information better, and become better listeners at school, work, and home.

Martial arts requires focus and listening keenly to a teacher’s instruction in order to attune the body and mind together. Every lesson practices these skills, which in turn helps students get better at them.

5. Martial Arts Teaches You Self-Control and How to Make Good Decisions

In order to be good at martial arts, you have to be able to think critically. Whether you’re anticipating your opponent’s next move or you’re deciding how to handle real-life situations, students learn to think ahead and consider all avenues of their actions.

Self-control and making wise decisions are so integral to this practice that it becomes second-natures. Students learn these skills to improve their martial arts, yet it translates into their daily lives as well.

They carry these skills with them into adulthood, improving their interactions with others and giving them the control and discipline to do what they need to do, even if it’s not what they want to do.

6. You Master Coordination and Motor Skills

Strong motor skills and coordination aren’t automatic. They come with practice. Martial arts allows students to master their body’s movements, improving their performance and making them stronger.

They become keenly aware of how their body moves, giving them better coordination, better athletic abilities, and a reduced risk of injury because they become familiar with their capabilities and limitations.

7. You Learn and Earn Respect

Respect is a major element of martial arts. Once does not earn the right to learn martial arts if he or she cannot respect their teacher, themselves, and the people around them.

This quality is stressed in every lesson and interaction so that students adopt it quickly. It becomes a part of who they are, thus translating into life outside of the classroom, not just within.

8. You Will Build Friendships and Practice Teamwork

Our students aren’t isolated in their lessons. They quickly learn to work together as they help each other improve with every exercise. As they learn together in a class setting, they build friendships with one another.

Classmates encourage one another and create a positive environment where everyone grows together.

9. You Develop Better Memorization and Retention

The brain is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Martial arts uses various drills that promote memorization and retention. These life skills will help students do better academically and in a work setting.

They’ll find themselves picking up new lessons, ideas, and skills quickly as their memorization and retention improve.

10. You Will Become Keenly Aware of Your Personal Safety

Part of self-defense is recognizing danger before it becomes a threat. Our students learn to be perceptive of their surroundings, including movements made by people nearby.

We do not teach aggression, but rather the ability to defend against and avoid dangerous situations. By learning and recognizing various signs of danger, they will be prepared to protect themselves or others should a situation arise.

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