Carrollwood Sensei

Sensei Jean-Louis Miranda

  • Founder of Carrollwood Black Belt Academy in 1999
  • Came to USA in 1990 from France, studied Shotokan, Judo there and in the USA he studied Jujitsu, Aikido and finally Tae kwon Do and earned his black belt  with I.T.F and W.T.F
  • Also studied Jeet Kune Do Philosophy and fighting
  • Sensei Miranda placed Florida state champion in 1998 with florida fighting championships
  • United States Tae Kwon Do Federation Florida state champion in 2002
  • He has since placed first in state level competitions over 15 times
  • Coach USA Fighting Team Kick USA 2007

Sensei Tim Lay

  • Florida instructor of the year for both 1998 & 1999
  • Inducted into the Florida Karate Hall of Fame.

Sensei Jean-Louis Miranda and Sensei Tim Lay started their relationship as friends, then became best friends who turned into partners, and then finished as brothers-in-law. That is why we are a family-oriented martial arts school. Tae Kwon Do is what brought them together: Respect, Honesty, and Loyalty have been their success in this wonderful adventure, and they feel blessed to be able to share those values with their students.

Carrollwood Black Belts

2nd Degree Black Belt

1st Degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

After School Program & Transportation

Counselor, After School Program
Brown Belt

Director, After School Program

Transportation Manager

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